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love-1381413_640 Elite singles are the “cream of the crop” of the unattached members of society. They have university degrees, above average incomes, great careers, and successful and busy lifestyles.

If you are one of them, you might have felt tired from dating a string of unemployed boys who cannot understand the demands of a great career, or a simple job at that. You might have been suffocated from the gorgeous but underachieving girl you dated who had no other dream than to own a luxury bag, but doesn’t even know how to work for one.

Simply, you see no future from dating people outside of your own league but dating from inside your league is almost impossible because of the very demanding lifestyles you all live.

Elite Singles have Demanding Lives

Though believed to be the best long-term partners, elite singles are the hardest ones to find and have a relationship with because of their busy lifestyles, career-oriented disposition and ambition-over-love mindset.

With the demands of today, most single professionals no longer have the time for activities outside of their careers, sometimes not even for their families and friends. The world has become a complicated place to live in and there always seems to be so much more work to be done, more friends to meet, endless hobbies to pursue, infinite dreams to achieve, unlimited places to visit and more stuff to buy meaning more money to earn, and time has never been as limited and precious as it is today. As a result, singles have less and less time to meet new people and more so, date and have a relationship with someone.

Elite Singles have Success, not Someone to Share it with

This demanding life is also why more and more people stay single until they’re 40 or even beyond. And though this high-achieving mindset is beneficial for companies, careers and the economy, it is becoming damaging to the work-life balance and the emotional satisfaction of those whose dreams include their own kids and a husband or wife someday, aside from the businesses, publications and PhDs under their name. More often, these people become successful but very sad singles as they realize as they age that they have no one to share their successes with.

Between the juggling of work and play, of personal, professional and social life, there is just less and less time to be on the hunt for the love of your life.

Stories of lovers bumping or catching each others’ eyes in a coffee shop are getting fewer each day. Even the once frowned-upon stories of meeting at a bar or being set-up for a blind date do not happen often anymore because singles have become more cautious where they spend their time and who they spend it with.

Elite Singles’ Take Control

Today, because of technology and innovative companies, there are now solutions to this dillemma of elite singles. The arrival and growth of elite dating platforms like Elitesingles  Academicsingles made a way for elite singles to no longer compromise and choose between their career and a relationship.

In the UK, statistics show that 1 out of 5 couples met and started their relationship online. In the dating site Elite Singles alone, there are already 475,000 singles from the UK looking for a potential life-partner.

Dating is now easier. The internet and dating sites like these made it possible for high-achieving singles to meet like-minded people, without the need for agonizing and time-consuming first dates, and increased their chances of finding a long-term partner who live the same busy lives as they do. This decreases the conflict if ever they have a commited relationship as they have the same goals and understand the demands of the lifestyle they chose.

Another great thing about these services is that you do not have to pay any fees upfront, but could join for free to view the singles and get an overall feel of the site before even committing.

Elites Singles’ Criteria is more than just a Chiseled Jaw

Sites like these do not only use gender, age and looks to match singles but look into the other factors such as residence, profession, and level of education.

Once you get older, and preferably wiser, you realize that physical attraction, sexual compatibility, and similarity in hobbies, likes and dislikes, are no longer the most apt determinants needed for a commitment with someone. More than these factors, more men and women are now looking for partners with the same drive for success and intellectual level, mostly reflected by their income range, profession and degree. The singles that are looking into the future as opposed to just having fun with whoever is available today, cares about these factors as it will likely be a bigger issue than the presence or absence of abs once they build a family of their own.

This is why these services include personality tests that determine the characters of each person in order to better match them with those members who will complement their behavior and attitude.

Elite Singles Create their Fate

The bottomline is that these high-achieving singles believe in action and effort more than coincidence and fate. You create your fate. Not just in their work but also in other areas of their lives, elite singles have now learned to hustle hard to achieve success and not to be content with just waiting for it- may it be with careers, opportunities, dreams or their perfect match.

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